Each handcrafted piece of TALAR MANOUKIAN jewelry is unique. Each piece is made of brass plated with 18K yellow gold and concrete elements.



We recommend cleaning your jewelry gently with a soft dry cloth to remove skin oils and dust after use. In between wears, store your jewelry separately in a cool and dry place and avoid rubbing them against each other, as the exposure to air could cause discoloring.
Direct contact with cosmetics, perfume and lotions may accelerate the development of patina.
Patina is when the plating endures discoloring or a change in luster as it wears off slightly over time especially with heavy use.
Keep your jewelry out of water and moisture to prevent staining. Limit its exposure to humid environments if you wish to prevent oxidation.
The easiest way to maintain the appearance of your jewelry is with regular cleaning, using a jewelry polishing cloth. Wipe down gently after each wear to maintain appearance and to remove accumulated patina.



If you find that the plating of your TALAR MANOUKIAN jewelry is wearing off, we will be happy to replate it at a rate of USD 20, plus the shipping cost to us. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for the replating service. This service is only available in Lebanon.



Concrete is a living material and is even more sensitive than metal. Avoid hard hits. 
Over time, the concrete will also patina, becoming darker from oils in the skin. These are unavoidable traces of wear, which makes the jewelry uniquely yours. The best way to clean this is to use soap and water on a toothbrush to scrub the surface of the concrete.



Repairs are accepted, and are subject to a fee depending on the nature of the damage.
Repairs may take between 1-4 weeks for processing.


For further information on your jewelry care, repairs and replating services please contact us at .